SF Voice & Accent Coaching

One-to-One Sessions

One to One Sessions

One-to-one coaching allows me to tailor work specifically for you,  in the way that best suits your learning style. Whether you learn best visually, aurally, or kinesthetically, through phonetics, movement, listening and repeating, or music - we will find a way that will help you succeed. 

Audition Prep

Being sprung with a new accent before an audition can be daunting. We’ll be as efficient and economical in our work as possible, focusing on what’s most important, to provide you with the tools you need to shine -- free from accent-anxiety!

Coaching to Mastery

Sometimes you just need an accent in your back pocket, ready at a moment's notice. We will work carefully, for maximum fluency and accuracy, so that when a casting director looks at the bottom of your resume and says, "Oh, I see you can do [X] accent...?" You'll have no problem blowing them away.

Sonja is my go-to dialect guru. She has a gift for distilling a dialect into a few easily digestible rules, expediting the process of finding your way inside it. Apart from her mastery of the phonetic breakdown of a region, she provides information on character and place that are invaluable to understanding the ‘why’ of the sounds you’re making.
— Adam Chanler-Berat, Broadway Actor (Next to Normal, Amélie, Saint Joan, Fortress of Solitude)