SF Voice & Accent Coaching


You do not have to settle for:

  • stomach-churning anxiety before presentations or public speaking.

  • a voice that feels painful or tired by the end of the week - or day.

  • a career which seems to have stalled due to missing communication skills. 

Building practical, concrete skills, Sonja can help you communicate authentically, confidently, and charismatically. That person you know who always seems effortlessly confident and at ease, whose persuasive ability has you wondering how they do it - it's not magic. I can teach you how.

Sonja has helped teachers, media professionals, computer scientists, barristers-in-training, and a professionals in a variety of fields who rely on communication to  succeed professionally.



One-to-one sessions are ideal for professionals who want to work on building confidence or specific communication skills. Sessions are tailored specifically for your unique needs, and can cover any or all of the following:

  • Presentation anxiety
  • Accent softening
  • Clarity of articulation
  • How to engage listeners by expanding the range and tone of your voice
  • Vocal health and longevity

One-to-one packages include:

  • 30 minute diagnostic + 3 one-hour sessions
  • 30 minute diagnostic + 5 one-hour sessions
  • One-off session to prepare for a specific presentation or engagement 

Sessions can be held in locations at your convenience. Skype options are also available.

Group Workshops

Sonja offers group workshops for professionals in a variety of fields, which can be tailored to the needs of your workplace. These can cover:

  • Maximizing communication for clear, engaging presentations
  • Maintaining vocal health and longevity
  • The Authoritative Voice for Women: exploring pitch, intonation, and body language to communicate confidence and expertise

Workshops are available in a variety of formats:

  • One-hour skill-building
  • 1/2 Day
  • Full Day 

Please contact sonja@sfvoiceandaccent.com for information about rates.

Contact me here, or e-mail sonja@sfvoiceandaccent.com for information about workshops and rates.